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MARKET REPORT: The Global Market for White Biotechnology 2024-2034

September 5, 2023

REPORT SYNOPSIS FROM RESEARCH AND MARKETS White biotechnology harnesses living cells collected from yeast, molds, microorganisms and plants, and enzymes to produce renewable fuels, chemicals, materials and medicines. It relies on principles of biotechnology, molecular biology and synthetic biology to engineer organisms that efficiently convert raw materials into value-added products,…

Terra Bioindustries builds circular economy with upcycled ‘spent grain sugars’ and proteins

August 7, 2023

EXCERPT FROM AGFUNDER Toronto, Canada-based startup Terra Bioindustries is raising a seed round to support small-scale commercial production of a mild-tasting barley protein concentrate and fermentable sugars from upcycled spent grains. While brewing giant AB InBev has a subsidiary (EverGrain Ingredients) that extracts protein from its spent grains, most brewers still see…

Secondhand Snacks: Upcycled Ingredients Hitting The Shelves In Packaged Food And Drink

June 26, 2023

EXCERPT FROM FOODHACK The upcycled food movement creates a place for the edible ingredients in our supply chain that are otherwise wasted. Many misshapen or damaged produce, food scraps, unused parts of plants, and processing by-products can create a delicious new category of snacks and beverages. Plus creating new, high-quality products…

Circular Opportunity Innovation Platform: Terra Bioindustries Profile

May 26, 2023

EXCERPT FROM COIL Terra Bioindustries (Terra Bio) applied to the COIL Evolve program with an innovative approach to ensure upcycled spent grains are safe for human consumption. There are currently very few guidelines and regulations for by-products as they often come from different industries and vary in consistency. Terra Bio…

Terra Bioindustries and Smallfood named XPRIZE Finalist

May 11, 2023

EXCERPT FROM ENTREVESTOR Smallfood has teamed up with Toronto’s Terra Bio to form Team ProFillet, which was named one of six finalists on Wednesday. The two startups are the only multi-company team in the competition and beat out hundreds of other applicants to reach the final rounds. ProFillet is also the…

Pitching at The Future of Protein Production Summit

March 1, 2023

See Rebecca represent Terra Bioindustries during the Future of Protein Production summit. Terra was featured as one of the start-ups for the lightning pitches on Feb 23, 2023. Rebecca delivered a 5 minute pitch using Terra\’s latest pitch deck to the panel consisting of Valerie Christy from Astanor Ventures, Neha Poddar from Good Startup, and…

Making a Protina Energy Bar

February 23, 2023

We shared and behind-the-scenes look at what went into our Conestoga Food Research & Innovation Lab collaboration! Follow Rebecca as she meets with food researchers, Tracy Butt and Priyanshi Rathod, to see them prepare their new recipe for a Protina Energy Bar. After trying the bar herself, Rebecca stated \”I…

What Will Tomorrow’s Proteins Look Like? This Competition Gives Us a Glimpse.

November 23, 2021

EXCERPT FROM SEEKER XPRIZE Feed The Next Billion is challenging innovators to change our approach to conventional proteins. Right now, half of Earth’s habitable land and 70% of its available water are used for agriculture. But despite the huge footprint dedicated to providing food, nearly 690 million people go hungry…

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