How we’re turning agrifood byproducts into sustainable B2B inputs

     It starts with creating a removal solution for spent materials. From there, our platform allows us to unlock spent grain protein by gently breaking down the tough outer layer of the grains into sugars. The separated protein is turned into a dried plant-based protein ingredient and the sugars are concentrated into a rich fermentation feedstock.

     One Process. Two Products. Less Waste.

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plant-based protein ingredient

     This upcycled spent grain protein is the most sustainable plant-based protein on the planet! That’s because it doesn’t need any additional farmland, irrigation, or large supply chains.
     Best of all, it still has a mild taste and great texture to help make the products your customers love. This is a gluten-based protein making it excellent for adding texture naturally.

     Shorten your ingredient list with a plant-based protein that creates texture that is also super sustainable.


sugar ingredient

     This spent grain sugar solution is a rich mix of C5 and C6 sugars as well as some other nutrients that can support many microorganisms. It has the same sustainability story as Protina to help make fermentation even more environmentally-friendly and scalable! Our early industry collaborators have reported success with our spent grain sugars supporting the precision fermentation of algae and mycelium. 

     Grow your organisms on a more environmentally-friendly feedstock without compromising yield.


     Brewers’ spent grains (BSG) pile up fast. The most common ways to manage BSG is with waste disposal services or by relying on farmers to collect it as animal feed. Whether it’s infrequency or inconsistency, you may still find these byproducts spoiling before you can get them out.

     Our team at Terra Bio works with our suppliers directly to create unique removal solutions that work for them. We help prevent spoiling and find a reliable way to get that BSG out of there! Enjoy peace of mind with a great, environmentally-friendly story.

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